The trucking industry is and has always been highly important for the success of many different companies, ranging in brands and products, as well as the economy. Billions of tons of freight are moved by trucks every year, meaning the trucking industry is not only significant to our country’s economy, but a necessity without which businesses would be unable to operate. 

The trucking industry has over a million employees and continues to create jobs as the industry expands, meaning more opportunities for even more people. Trucking jobs grow by a steady percentage every year, however, there is still a shortage of qualified drivers in the industry. This could be the result of a few different factors, including long hours and the increased use of technology, which many are uncomfortable with. 

As a result, many trucking companies are trying new things to recruit drivers who will want to work for the long run and not just temporarily. Many companies are reaching out to women to break the stereotype that all truck drivers are men to help create diversity within the industry. Some companies are even offering flexible shift options to keep employees happy so that they make a career out of the position as opposed to treating it like a job. A truck driver’s responsibilities are demanding and exhausting, and flexible hours make a big difference by making the position a lot more appealing to many who would not otherwise consider applying.

Trends also indicated that trucking is becoming a lot more high-tech, meaning it’s more automated and a lot less personal than what it used to be in the past. This is the case in general and technology is taking over several industries, including shopping. Not too long ago, most people would head to a mall to shop and look around; however, these days, many people prefer to shop online. An increase in online shopping means an increase in the number of trucks that are required to make the deliveries that consumers now want shipped directly to their door. New technology means more of a demand for trucks and many wonder how the trucking industry will be able to keep up. They have to adapt to new technology themselves to stay up to date with the other industries around them and accommodate customers and businesses who require transportation for their business to succeed. 

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