Four Key Tips For Buying A Used Truck

by | Oct 3, 2019

Have you decided on buying a new big rig truck but don’t want to break the bank? When it comes to buying a used truck, there is a lot of research that goes into the preparation. You want to ensure this investment is worth it and that you’ll be content with the truck you choose. 

The task of preparation and research is time consuming, and that’s why Aspen Truck & Sale has comprised a straightforward, efficient guide for you to follow on what to know before you buy. Here’s our list of the top four key tips for buying a used truck:

1. Review the Maintenance History

It’s crucial for you to ask the dealership or owner if they have kept up with the truck’s maintenance. Maintenance records should also be available upon request for you to review and know if the truck has been regularly serviced. Being aware of the truck’s overall history can prepare you for what to expect and if you want to purchase it. Check for regular tune-ups or if any parts have been replaced and how it runs. If Maintenance records were not kept, a history of the truck’s warranty work will be the next best thing. 

2. Ask About the Accident History

Part of reviewing the truck’s history and research into whether or not to buy is knowing about any accident history. Accidents that are reported and claimed do go on the vehicle’s history. However, smaller accidents, such as backing up into a tree on a snowy or foggy day, may not get officially reported. If ever in doubt, ask for a Car-Fax. This will display any liens on a vehicle which is very important to know if buying in a private sale.

It’s important to ask the dealership the following questions:

  • If there have been, what are the accidents or collisions the truck has been involved in?
  • Can you explain the damage that occurred?
  • Were there any parts that needed to be replaced as a result? 

3. Determine What Needs to Be Replaced

Once you have the maintenance and or warrenty history copies and information on the accident history, this should give you an idea of what replacements the truck needs and what’s already been replaced. Other parts of the truck may require upgrading or replacing, the biggest concerns being the transmission and the engine. Check if the brakes are working on all of the truck’s wheels. Everything must be working optimally to adhere to Provincial safety standards. 

Always go for a test drive, the way a truck drives could potentially reveal issues that would be hidden when the truck is idle. Fluid leaks will be more noticeable after the truck has driven. At Aspen Truck Sales, our trucks come with a full wheels off safety included in the listed price.

4. Check Oil Records

If the truck has been maintained properly over time, then regular oil changes will have been performed. If this does not appear to be the case for the used truck you are viewing, take caution and be aware that it could lead to engine problems in the future. If there is an extreme low oil level, or oil has no indication of being changed within a recent time frame that could indicate poor truck maintenance and more potential issues. Check the existing oil levels of the truck to get a glimpse into its current condition/level of maintenance.

At Aspen Truck Sales, we have high-quality used trucks for sale in Winnipeg for you to choose from. Regardless of your credit situation, we can customize a financial package to suit your needs. Our team of mechanics works diligently to recondition and safety our units to make sure the customer is happy and stays that way. Contact us to learn more about our trucks and services via our website today!